Case Study: Willowton Group – Achieving Resilience Through AWS Disaster Recovery Solution

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Client Overview

The Willowton Group is a prominent South African company with a rich history in the edible oil and soap industries. As a leading manufacturer, their operations are critical to various sectors, demanding high availability of their IT infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of disaster recovery, the Willowton Group collaborated with Northbound Cloud Consulting to implement a robust solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Disaster Recovery Service (DRS).


The Willowton Group faced several challenges with their existing disaster recovery strategy:

Complexity and Downtime:

Their traditional disaster recovery setup was complex, requiring significant manual intervention during failover scenarios, resulting in prolonged downtime.

High Costs:

Maintaining and updating their on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure incurred high costs, including hardware, maintenance, and personnel expenses.

Limited Scalability:

The existing solution couldn’t efficiently scale as the company’s operations grew, potentially impacting business continuity during peak demand periods.


Northbound Cloud Consulting devised a comprehensive solution using AWS Disaster Recovery Service to address Willowton Group’s challenges:

Assessment and Strategy:

We collaborated closely with Willowton Group to assess their current disaster recovery setup and define recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

AWS Disaster Recovery Service Implementation:

Leveraging AWS DRS, we designed a multi-region architecture that replicated Willowton Group’s critical applications and data in a separate AWS region.

Automation and Orchestration:

We implemented automated scripts and AWS CloudFormation templates to streamline the failover process, minimizing manual intervention and reducing downtime.

Testing and Validation:

Rigorous testing of the disaster recovery setup was conducted to ensure the solution met the predefined RTO and RPO targets. Regular tests simulated real disaster scenarios.


The implementation of AWS Disaster Recovery Service resulted in substantial benefits for Willowton Group:

Reduced Downtime:

The automated failover process significantly reduced downtime during disaster scenarios, ensuring minimal disruption to critical business operations.

Cost Efficiency:

Moving to a cloud-based disaster recovery solution eliminated the need for capital expenditures on hardware and maintenance, translating into cost savings.

Enhanced Scalability:

The AWS solution allowed for seamless scalability, ensuring that the disaster recovery environment could adapt to the company’s growth without compromising performance.

Increased Confidence:

With regular testing and validation, Willowton Group’s IT team gained confidence in their ability to recover quickly and effectively from any disaster.

Geographic Redundancy:

The multi-region architecture provided geographic redundancy, safeguarding against regional outages and increasing overall system resilience.


The partnership between Willowton Group and Northbound Cloud Consulting resulted in a successful implementation of AWS Disaster Recovery Service, fortifying the company’s disaster recovery capabilities. The transition to a cloud-based solution reduced downtime, improved cost efficiency, and enhanced scalability. This case study exemplifies how embracing innovative technologies and collaborating with experts can empower businesses to achieve greater resilience and continuity, even in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

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