White Paper: Enhancing Branch Connectivity with Northbound Networks SD-WAN Implementation for Save Cash and Carry

White Paper: Enhancing Branch Connectivity with Northbound Networks SD-WAN Implementation for Save Cash and Carry


This white paper outlines the benefits and implementation strategy of utilising Northbound Networks’ Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution to enhance branch connectivity for Save Cash and Carry. With an increasing demand for optimised network performance, security, and cost-efficiency, SD-WAN presents a cutting-edge solution that streamlines branch operations, improves application performance, and ensures a seamless customer experience.


Save Cash and Carry, a prominent retail chain with multiple branches, seeks to address the challenges of managing complex branch networks. The company aims to centralise control over its network infrastructure, enhance application performance, and reduce operational costs. This white paper explores how Northbound Networks’ SD-WAN implementation can empower Save Cash and Carry’s branches to achieve these goals effectively.

Challenges Faced by Save Cash and Carry

Save Cash and Carry’s current network setup encounters several challenges, including:

Network Complexity:

Managing a vast network of branches with diverse connectivity technologies leads to complexity in configuration and maintenance.

Application Performance:

Inconsistent application performance affects customer experience and operational efficiency.

Security Concerns:

Ensuring robust security measures across all branches is critical to protect sensitive customer and business data.

Cost Management:

Balancing the costs of network infrastructure with the need for high-quality performance is a constant concern.

SD-WAN Solution

Northbound Networks offers a comprehensive SD-WAN solution designed to address these challenges by providing:

Centralised Management:

SD-WAN centralizes network management, simplifying configuration, monitoring, and updates across all branches from a single interface.

Application Optimisation:

Dynamic traffic routing and Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms enhance application performance by choosing the best path for each application’s requirements.

Security Enhancements:

SD-WAN incorporates robust security protocols, including encryption and firewall capabilities, to safeguard data across the network.


By utilising multiple network paths, including broadband and MPLS, SD-WAN optimizes costs without compromising performance.

Benefits for Save Cash and Carry

By adopting Northbound Networks’ SD-WAN solution, Save Cash and Carry can expect the following benefits:

Enhanced Performance:

Application-specific routing and prioritisation ensure optimal performance, leading to improved customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Reduced Downtime:

Automatic failover mechanisms ensure seamless network connectivity, reducing downtime and its associated costs.

Improved Security:

Integrated security features protect the network from potential threats, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

Simplified Management:

Centralised management reduces the complexity of network administration and lowers the risk of configuration errors.

Cost Savings:

Utilising cost-effective network paths and streamlined management leads to reduced operational costs.

Implementation Strategy

The implementation of Northbound Networks SD-WAN at Save Cash and Carry’s branches involves the following steps:


Conduct a thorough assessment of the current network infrastructure, application requirements, and security needs to design a tailored SD-WAN solution.


Deploy SD-WAN appliances or virtual instances at each branch, connecting them to the existing network infrastructure.


Set up policies for application traffic, QoS, and security protocols based on the company’s requirements.

Centralised Management:

Configure the centralised management platform to monitor, manage, and optimize the SD-WAN network across all branches.

Testing and Optimisation:

Conduct testing to ensure the network is functioning as intended. Refine configurations for optimal performance.


Train IT staff at each branch to manage and monitor the SD-WAN solution effectively.


Northbound Networks’ SD-WAN implementation offers an innovative solution for Save Cash and Carry to overcome the challenges posed by its branch network. By providing enhanced performance, security, and cost-efficiency, SD-WAN can transform the company’s branch connectivity and elevate the customer experience. The outlined implementation strategy paves the way for a seamless transition to a modernised network architecture, ensuring Save Cash and Carry’s continued success in the competitive retail landscape.

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